Kalinga is a non-profit organization run by volunteers that aims to break the vicious cycle of poverty that the children of the Payatas garbage dump in the Philippines are subject to.

What do we do?

All of Kalinga's projects provide structural support to children and their families living in the vast Payatas garbage dump on the outskirts of Manila, the capital. Over 30,000 people live on this mountain of waste, and they survive by collecting and separating aluminium, plastic and cardboard waste. Children are often required to work from a very young age. For most children there is no hope of a different future - a better future.

Education works!

Kalinga believes in education as a sustainable form of development. Education empowers children,giving them skills that they will benefit from for a lifetime. Based on this belief, Kalinga founded thePapaya Elementary School for the children of the Payatas dump. Kalinga offers the students atPapaya six years of free primary school education. At the end of the six years, the children are able to apply for to a scholarship to attend a secondary school at a recognizedPhilippine school as part of the Apple Project.

Apple Scholars

In the Spring of 2001,Kalinga began a small scholarship program. Through this program Kalinga supported a small number of children who are eager tolearn, but due to the poverty of their family were not able to attend secondary or high school, or were unable to complete studies that they had already started.

In 2009, when the first students graduated from the Papaya school, Kalinga expanded this program so that all of Papaya's pupilscan apply for the scholarship, allowing them to continue their studies.

In order for a Papaya school graduate to qualify for the Apple Project scholarship, both the students and their parents need toshow drive and motivation. The economic situation of the family is also reassessed, as is the progress and learning that the family has achieved so far.